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80 Acres Farms brings you the next generation of fresh, delicious food—grown 100% pesticide free at an eco-friendly indoor farm near you.

Not the kind of farm people expect.
In fact, we’re totally different. We don’t have tractors, silos, or even soil here. Instead, we grow everything indoors—using robots and AI to do the heavy lifting, while the humans focus on growing the freshest food possible.

80 Acres Farms Basil Herb

What Makes Our Food So Special?

80 Acres Farms - 100% pesticide & residue free
100% pesticide
& residue free
80 Acres Farms - picked ripe for more nutrients
just picked for
longer freshness
80 Acres Farms - just picked for longer freshness
harvested at
peak nutrition
80 Acres Farms - eco-friendly farming
80 Acres Farms Microgreens

None of the nasty stuff.

We don’t use pesticides. No chemical baths or residues. Instead, we put extra TLC into every stage of the growing process. And we only harvest at peak ripeness. That’s how we bring you the freshest, fullest-flavor food you’ve ever tasted.

We’ll bet the farm on it.

Herbs, Leafy Greens, Microgreens & More!

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