80 Acres Farms Founders, Mike and Tisha

Changing food for the fresher.

Our founders, Mike and Tisha, knew that food wasn’t what it used to be. They wanted to make it better—and they did it by creating a new kind of farm. One capable of producing an abundance of crop varieties year-round. Completely indoors. Using 100% renewable energy. Without any pesticides or excessive food miles. Big vision, right? Well, they did it.

And they called it 80 Acres Farms.

So…what’s behind the name?

“80 Acres” is inspired by the amount of food we can grow, not the amount of land we use to grow it. Thanks to super-efficient vertical farming techniques, we produce a lot more in a much smaller space. About the equivalent of a farm with 80 acres of land, give or take. And the rest is history.

80 Acres Farms Leafy Greens in Indoor Farm