Mike Zelkind & Tisha Livingston at farm

Changing Food For The Fresher

Our founders, Mike and Tisha, knew that food wasn’t what it used to be. They wanted to make it better—and they did it by creating a new kind of farm. One capable of producing an abundance of crop varieties year-round. Completely indoors. Using 100% renewable energy. Without any pesticides or excessive food miles. Big vision, right? Well, they did it.
And they called it 80 Acres Farms.

So... What's Behind The Name?

Our name tells a story about the amount of food we can grow, not the amount of land we used to grow it. Our first farm was only a quarter acre, but using super-efficient vertical farming techniques, it could grow as much food as eighty acres of traditional farmland, give or take a few pounds. Our new farms can produce much more, but our name guarantees we’ll never lose touch with our roots.

80 Acres Farm Red Leaf Lettuce

Our Difference


We’re all about real food, free of the nasty stuff. That’s why we don’t use pesticides, chemical baths, or any other mystery ingredients in our process. We want you to experience the freshest, most nutritious food possible, so that’s exactly what we deliver.


Say goodbye to sad, wilted lettuce that’s traveled thousands of miles on produce trucks. Who needs it when we can grow peak-season produce year-round anywhere in the world? Our food is always farmers’ market fresh, loaded with nutrients and flavor.


Turns out, food that doesn’t have to cross the country lasts a lot longer in your kitchen. By virtually eliminating food miles, we’re giving our fruits, veggies, and greens more time at home with you—and helping you get more value from the grocery store.


We want to do better for the planet. That’s why we created a more sustainable way to farm in the first place—using 100% renewable energy and 95% less water than a traditional farm producing a similar quantity of produce, and growing up to 300 times more food per square foot.


We know that every plant matters. Our technology platform allows us to track our plants from seed to farm to package to store, taking the mystery out of how we grow and distribute our food. We are creating a new standard for food transparency.
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