Food isn’t what it used to be. We made it better, and we did it by building a different kind of farm. A farm that doesn’t need sun, soil or favorable weather to do its thing. A farm where pesticides have no place—because everything’s indoors, monitored and controlled, 24/7. We built a farm where robots do the heavy lifting, so the humans can focus on growing the freshest, most nutritious food possible. A farm that can produce over 300 times more food than an ordinary farm. With 100% renewable energy. And 97% less water. Pretty unbelievable, right?

Well, believe it. This farm is real. We call it 80 Acres Farms.

Fresher food awaits you.

80 Acres Farms Fireworks Tomatoes



miles of trucking saved
pounds (lbs) of food waste avoided
gallons of water saved


80 Acres Farms - 100% pesticide & residue free

100% pesticide & residue free

We’re all about real food, free of all the nasty stuff. That’s why we don’t use pesticides, chemical baths, or any other mystery ingredients in the process. We want you to experience the freshest, most nutritious food possible—and that’s exactly what we deliver.

80 Acres Farms - harvested at peak nutrition

harvested at peak nutrition

Using AI sensors and completely controlled growing environments, we know exactly what our plants are eating and breathing every day. This enables us to monitor every stage of the growing process and ensure that each plant is pampered with the perfect amount of light, water, nutrients and air flow needed to produce the most nutritious food possible.  Only then do we harvest it. No shortcuts. No compromises.

80 Acres Farms - just picked for longer freshness

just picked for longer freshness

Most food travels an average of 2,000 miles before it ever reaches your plate. But we’re not most food. We nearly eliminate food miles, guaranteeing your food arrives just as fresh as the day it was harvested.


80 Acres Farms - eco-friendly farming

eco-friendly farming

We care about our planet. It’s the only one we’ve got. That’s why we created a more sustainable way to farm in the first place—using 100% renewable energy and 97% less water consumption than a traditional farm producing a similar quantity of produce.

Thanks, Earth.