Changing Salad For The Fresher

Tender and sweet, this lettuce is what dreams are made of. 

PB&J, chips and guac—some things are just better together, like tender butter lettuce and cool, crispy greens.

Lettuce talk about a classic green that tastes like summer, bright and crisp, any time of year.

This trio of sweet lettuce, citrusy sorrel, and tender pea shoots is a refreshing taste of spring any time of year.

Vibrant and crunchy, this blend of red and green frilled lettuces thrills your taste buds.

Herb your enthusiasm, fresh herbs are this salad’s secret power—so flavorful, no dressing required.

Bright and beautiful, this colorful kaleidoscope of leafy greatness will take your taste buds to plant-lovers’ paradise.

Fuel up with this immune boosting blend of lettuce, kale, ruby chard and a burst of broccoli microgreens.

This regal mix of crisp artisan lettuce and peppery arugula microgreens is a crowning achievement for salad-kind.

Crisp and bold, this blend of crisp artisan lettuce and Dijon mustard microgreens is a Cincy-style salad like no other.

Cool and sweet, this medley of red and green romaine lettuce stays crisp and cool in any situation.

Our liveliest salad, incredibly peppery, tamed by refreshingly sweet leaf lettuce to strike the perfect balance.