changing salad for the fresher.


everything lean, green and in between.


taste of summer all year long.

80 Acres Farms fireworks tomatoes vegetable


super fresh, super fragrant, super delicious.

80 Acres Farms all about that Basil


I am a tomato snob. 80 Acres’ tomatoes are full of flavor and the best I have ever eaten, reminiscent of when I used to grow my own!

—Candace C.

I believe what you’re doing at 80 Acres Farms is how all our produce should be grown and I can’t wait to get some more of it.

—Mark M.

Delicious, super fresh, I can eat it all plain. No bitter taste. I look forward to eating my salads now.

—Theresa V.

Best tasting produce around. Period.

—Kim T.

No plain old salads for me anymore! Thank you 80 Acres for your innovation and providing healthy and flavorful options for us!

—Tamara A.

80 Acres Farms has reminded me that lettuce is great! I didn't know my greens could be so tasty and fresh. Thank you, 80 Acres!

—Mary G.

Absolutely delicious produce. The flavor is wonderful and well worth the price. Thank you for providing wonderful, healthy and clean food.


The tomatoes taste like my grandmother's she grew when I was a little girl! Can you say YUM????

—Lyn S.

So fresh and flavorful every week! My kids eat the salad without dressing—that's flavor 😋!

—Rebecca H.

Your products are so fresh and invigorating. the Fireworks tomatoes are the best I have ever tasted. Can’t wait to taste new offerings in the future.

—Robbe B.