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super fresh, super fragrant, super delicious.

Leafy Greens

your dish will never be boring...again!


everything lean, green & in between.


the perfect way to veg out.


  • positive review 

    I love your products. My favorite is the salad mix with microgreens. ♥️

    Amy Heck Stafford
    positive review 

    The vision that grew into this concept has the potential to be a huge benefit to people...well, everywhere.

    Di Rogers
    positive review 

    Beautiful, healthy plants grown in a super clean environment.....amazing concept!!!

    Patty Estes Robinette
  • positive review 

    Best greens ever. Locally grown makes them perfect. Thank you. 💚🥬

    Lisa Wagner
    positive review 

    Picked up cucumbers and tomatoes at the Fairfield Jungle Jim’s—they were AMAZING! I hope 80 Acre Farms will be stocked at this location! I already need more.

    Kamiikia Alexander
    positive review 

    Just went to a tour of 80 Acres last night.
    Amazing mission!
    These folks are changing the way we source food for the better! Plus their produce is pretty tasty even as the temps drop here in Ohio😊

    Nick Gressle
  • positive review 

    Had their greens and they were the best - very favorable

    Karen Taylor Wiggins
    positive review 

    We had a great tour today learned about largest indoor farming with innovative science and efficient produce, promising feeding the people on earth and perhaps on Mars in the future.

    Erce Gokhan

    Unbelievable possibilities for human kind. Grow fresh produce anywhere in the world.

    Shalom E.
  • positive review 

    👏They have the best produce and the nicest employees! I dream about their cucumbers 😋😋😋

    Chloë Bender
    positive review 

    Was able to check out 80 acres thanks to a Yelp event. This is SUCH A COOL PLACE! Their produce is incredibly tasty and fresh and the concept is world changing. I am rooting for them to take over the farm industry! They are able to harvest 80 acres worth of pesticide free, clean, locally grown, sustainable produce on ONE HALF ACRE OF LAND. This is the future and I am thankful for it.

    Megan Trimbach Schario
    positive review 

    An innovative concept that's executed in an amazing way with such a welcoming staff! 80 Acres is an exciting addition to the Spring Grove Village community. We can't wait to see them "grow"! 😄

    Mary Early