A:  No, but that’s not a bad thing!  We grow our food differently—indoors, using no soil, no pesticides, and 97% less water than other farms. Our produce is also grown local, so we can minimize food miles and maximize flavor.  We’re not organic, but we are sustainable, nutritious, and growing food the way food should be.

A:  Yes! The way we grow our product and the practices we have implemented for food and plant safety are ideal to meet Kosher standards. Being Kosher is one more tool to communicate to consumers our promise of exceptionally high quality.

A: Nope, we don’t need to! Inside our farms, there are no pesticides, no bugs, no birds—nothing you wouldn’t want touching your food. So, your produce stays clean from seed to salad.

A:  We know that packaging has a purpose—protecting the plants and reducing food waste.  We also know that good planets are hard to come by, which is why our packaging is made from recycled plastic materials and is 100% recyclable. We’re always looking for the best solution for both our plants and our planet, so hang in there as we continue to improve!

A:  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have suspended all tours indefinitely.

A:  Don’t have a green thumb? No problem!  Our sister company, Infinite Acres, can custom design and build farms for customers anywhere in the world.  After that, 80 Acres Farms can grow and operate the farm for you.  And don’t worry—we don’t bite!

A: Yes! Check out our careers page for more information.

A:  Nope, but you can find our produce at retailers and restaurants near you! Check out our Where to Buy page! Want delivery straight to your door?  Visit our online retail partners, Market Wagon, Green Bean Delivery, and ETC Produce & Provisions, to find out if they deliver to your community!  Experience the Farm-to-table freshness we love.

A:  We’re always working to eliminate food waste—so when our farms grow too much, we know how to handle it.  When there’s extra love to go around, we donate to our favorite organizations to fight food insecurity.  Know of an organization in need?  Drop us a line.

A:  We grow hydroponically, where only the plant’s roots hang out in nutrient-rich water—no soil needed!  By precisely measuring which nutrients plants are soaking up, we’re able to consume 97% less.  And what’s even more awesome, we don’t add to agricultural runoff—the #1 polluter of our rivers and streams!  We’re changing farming at the roots—literally! 

A:  We know that plants need light energy to photosynthesize—but did you know that they really only need the red and blue light spectrums?  Our growers create the perfect light “recipe” for each plant variety, which results in the purple light you’ll see in many of our pictures.  This purple light optimizes plant growth, nutrition, and flavor for our produce.  It’s just another way we’re pioneering fresh food from the seed up.

A:  Our farms run on hydroelectric renewable energy that utilizes the power of moving water.  Inside our farms, we use LED lights, which are energy efficient and constantly improving.  We always use the latest in LED technology, but we still strive to do more and continue to minimize our footprint!

A:  Nope!  We always use non-GMO seeds. Instead of modifying plants to survive in an uncontrolled environment, we modify the environment so our plants can thrive!  We’re cultivating a new status quo and going where no farm has grown before.

80 Acres Farms Leafy Greens