Frequently Asked Questions

A: Nope, we are growing in a new kind of farm, creating a new set of standards. Our produce is 100% free from all pesticides and residues, grown in your community, with fewer of the earth’s resources.

A: Nope, nothing touches the edible plants—no pesticides, no rain, no birds. It is squeaky clean! So, we don’t need to wash our produce.

A: Packaging has a purpose—it protects the plants, but also reduces food waste.  Our packaging is made from recycled plastic materials and is 100% recyclable. We are working on the best solution with both our plants and planet in mind, so watch out for it!

A: Yes, of course! We give public tours at our Este Farm, in Cincinnati, Ohio on the first Wednesday of every month. Take a sneak peek inside Plantopia, and have a taste too! Check out our Facebook event page or Eventbrite for more info. Just remember, tickets are limited!

A: We have a sister company, Infinite Acres, that custom designs and builds farms for customers anywhere in the world. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. 80 Acres Farms can grow and operate the farm for you.

A: Yes, we do! Check out the careers page.

A: Yes! We’ve listened to our fans and now offer curbside pickup at two of our Ohio farms! It’s simple, place your order via Shop and choose your pickup day, Tuesday or Friday from 4-6pm. Wanna buy from a retailer or restaurant near you? Go to our Where to Buy page. Looking for delivery straight to your door?  Check out our online retail partners, Yellowbird Food Shed, Green Bean Delivery, and Local Food Connection, to find out if they deliver to your community!

A: When our farms grow too much, we ensure it’s donated to our favorite organizations, fighting food insecurity and food waste.

A: We give the plants all the same nutrients they would take in from the soil, such as potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. This is filtered into the water, where the roots of the plants can soak up needed nutrients.

A: Plants need light energy to photosynthesize, and to optimize plant growth. They really only need red and blue light spectrum—this creates the pink light you see in some of our photos. Our growers create the perfect light “recipe” for each plant variety to enhance the flavor, nutrition, and growth.

A: Nope, LED lights are very energy efficient and continue to improve. We always use the latest in LED technology, but we still strive to do more. Our farms run on hydroelectric renewable energy that utilizes the power of moving water.

A: Nope, we start with traditional heirloom seeds based on flavor and nutrition, not GMO seeds. Instead of modifying the plants to survive in an uncontrolled environment, we modify the environment for our plants to thrive in!

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